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New Year 2015 Pinhole Cards Exchange

Way back in 2001, Zernike Au came up with the idea of swapping Christmas/holiday cards with other people on the pinhole-discussion mailing list. The idea evolved into an annual New Year exchange of cards. It was a great success and we've done it every year since. From this page you are able to see a list of people to whom you will send cards, as well as add your own name to the list.

The rules have always been as follows: The cards should arrive sometime in the month of December. You can either randomly choose a bunch of people to send cards to, or send to everyone on the list if you'd like! The card should contain a lenseless photo image.

Names and Addresses

There are 67 names and addresses in total. You can view the whole list at once, in random order or chronological order by when the names were added.

Or... you can see a randomly selected list of people by choosing how many cards you plan to send:

Add your name and address to the list